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LEAP is the world’s largest provider of legal cloud software for law firms. Investing more than $20 million a year in research and development, LEAP provides productivity solutions for law firms in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. With over 61,000 users across the globe, LEAP allows lawyers to manage their law firms and serve their clients. LEAP’s cloud-based legal practice management software lets lawyers take advantage of integrated matter management, document automation and legal accounting from anywhere, at any time.


Everything you need to run your law firm

LEAP is a cloud-based practice management solution that gives you the functionality to run an efficient and flexible law firm by combining matter management, document automation and office and trust accounting into an easy-to-use solution.



Commitment to innovation

LEAP provides a world class practice management software and commits over $20 million a year to research and development so that their clients have the best possible experience. LEAP is proud to deliver an industry-leading software solution that is attune to the needs of their clients



Common areas of law

LEAP provides pre-configured matter types for all common areas of law in Australia. Information stored within a matter can then be used to automatically populate precedents and court forms to minimise manual data entry. Regardless of your practice areas, LEAP gives you with everything you need to run an efficient law firm.


Seamless integration with Microsoft 365

LEAP seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 so you can easily produced documents and emails that are automatically populated with matter and client information. Emails are automatically saved to the corresponding LEAP matter while time spent drafting documents and emails is also automatically recorded. Plus, LEAP’s integration with Microsoft Teams lets you easily share matters with colleagues and schedule video calls.

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