Scheduling Your Staff Made Easy With Ostendo

Ostendo freeway appOstendo has just released new features to its jobs and manufacturing work flow.

In particular, the new assignment board is going to be a boon to business.

What does an assignment board do?

It enables a supervisor to easily and quickly see all work that is required and to work out what should be done when and by whom.

The assignment board lists all the manufacturing orders due in the next few days, broken down to their separate “routing steps” – basically the tasks involved to complete the order. Plus it also lists all the job orders due in the next few days, broken down to the separate tasks required to complete the job.

There is a calendar that the tasks can be dropped onto. The calendar can display staff and equipment, or departments for example. These tasks can then be allocated by the supervisor.

To make the process easier, the tasks can be filtered to particular dates, or particular geographical zones, or by task or by customer or by required date…and by many more criteria. The tasks can be dragged to change allocation of work easily.

But the scheduling is more intelligent than this!

Staff and equipment can be set up with certifications and expiry dates on their certification. For example, an employee might be a fork lift driver. The job task is set up to need a fork lift driver.

When the allocations of work are set up, if the task is allocated to a staff member who doesn’t have the required fork lift driver licence, the allocation board will identify this.

Also, if staff members are not available eg on leave or on conference, the allocation board will also prevent any work allocations being made to them.

And multiple tasks are allocated to the same staff member at the same time, again, this will be identified. Or if a job is accidentally double allocated, this too will be hightlighted.

And because Ostendo manages the inventory, the assignment board will show if there are any material shortages that will prevent the task being completed.

In the next release, the assignment board will be able to be filled automatically, and the supervisor will simply review and make necessary changes.

ERP interface

And even better! Mobility!

If you have your staff using the app Freeway, the job assignments can be automatically published out to the staff on the road.

They can use phones or tablets to see their jobs, access GPS maps to get to the job, go through health and safety checks, record their time and materials used, capture signatures and more. This automatically updates the costs on the jobs back at headquarters. Read our next post if you would like to know more about Freeway.

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