What’s New with MYOB – December 2016 Update

1. Fresh new look and same great workflow and updated MYOB logo


2. Faster insights via a powerful search yet

In the Cards List, you’ll love the powerful new tools that give you more control and insight over your contacts.
Here’s an overview of what’s new and improved in the Cards List window. For a detailed guide to these features, press F1 in the Cards List window
Tip: Some of the new search, group and filter options are also available in the Accounts, Items, and Activities list windows – right-click the column headers in those windows to see what’s available. We’ll be adding more features to more AccountRight list windows in future releases.
i) New layout and better keyboard support
– The Cards List is now wider, so you can see more, and if required, a horizontal scroll bar will let you fit in even more. The Name column is frozen, so you can always see who the information you’re looking at relates to.
– They’ve added the Customise, Group and Filter buttons so you have easy access to the new features. To turn off the new features, click them a second time.
– You can now open a card that’s selected in the list by pressing Enter. The tabbing behaviour within the list area has been improved.
– When you open the Cards List, the Search field now has focus by default, so you can start typing right away. And if focus is on a record in the list, you can quickly return to the Search field by pressing Ctrl+Shift+F.

ii) Show and hide columns
– Click the new Customise button to choose from 40+ card-related columns that you can add to the Cards List, and they’re all searchable once you add them. Your layout will be preserved between sessions too.
– Click the links in the Email and Website columns to compose an email or visit the address.

iii) Group your list (improved)
– Get easier access to the grouping feature by clicking the new Group button. Drag column headers in and out of the group panel, or move them around, to instantly change how your cards appear in the list.
– Your grouping setup is now saved between sessions. So if you always want to view your customers by city, drag the City column header to the group panel, and it’ll display like that the next time you open the Cards List.

iv) Filter columns
– Click the Filter button to show the filter row. You can filter any column, and use advanced operators, like greater than (>), less than (<) and equal to (=) in currency and date columns. - You can apply multiple filters to a row by using the Customise filter window, which is easily accessible by right-clicking a column header and choosing Filter Editor.v) Apply conditional formatting Apply colour and other visual indicators to amounts and other details you want to stand out from the rest. For example, for all customers with overdue balances greater than $1,000, you could highlight the entire row with a red background.

3. Great debtor control to improve your cashflow

4. New tools to customise how you view data

5. A host of little improvements to better your day