MYOB Essentials – Are you in the CLOUD yet?

Cloud accounting is no longer the future – cloud accounting is here and the market offerings are getting better and better each month.

Cloud accounting productThe most popular cloud accounting players in the Australian and New Zealand markets is MYOB, who have several cloud products.

MYOB Essentials is geared mostly for businesses without complex operational needs. Because Essentials is totally online, it suits businesses that don’t want the expense of buying and maintaining in-house computer servers and networks. It also works well in businesses that have MAC computers or a combination of MACs and PCs, since they access their accounting data via a webbrowser, and it doesn’t matter what sort of computer is used. Even tablets can be used. It is also suitable for business people who have limited computer and accounting skills and do not want complex software installations and the hassle of daily backups.

Although we deal with many clients that have more complex systems, we also have numerous clients using MYOB Essentials. The feedback has been terrific. Our customers love the ease of live bank feeds and the overall reduction of day to day processing plus they find it easy to use and enjoy accessing their accounts anytime, anywhere. Essentials provides the functions that the majority of businesses need: invoicing, purchasing, bank reconciliations, payroll and reporting. Lots of tradespeople are using Essentials because they can produce their invoices while on site, and email the invoice to the client on the spot.

MYOB Essentials is well priced for a small business owner to afford, from $29 per month. This includes unlimited invoices and expenses, unlimited access, unlimited bank account inputs and unlimited support, unlimited users and is always backed up – a very cost effective accounting solution for most businesses.

We especially love MYOB’s Essentials for its simplicity in the set up process, navigating through menus and processing transactions generally. It is not cluttered with functionality that most clients never use. Our clients can start working with it quickly and easily.

This universal access is the beauty of cloud accounting – having your business accounts available to your business and your business advisors anytime, anywhere.

If you are unsure where to begin, give 2 Peas a call to assist with appropriate selection and setup. And after selection, you will be better informed how to use and get the most out of your CLOUD accounting system.