MYOB Cloud Accounting

Imagine this scenario – you are sitting in your office working on your MYOB accounts.  You have a live feed set up with your banks, so that the transactions are available within your MYOB file without you having to enter them or import them.  No need to wait for bank and credit card statements to turn up in the mail or your boss to find where they have vanished to.

At the same time, your manager is travelling in China, but logging into the MYOB accounts and extracting reports and reviewing the work you are doing.  And your accountant in the city centre is working on the live data, entering the end of year adjustments, while your MYOB consultant is also working in the live data, fixing up the problems in the inventory.

This is the reality of accounting in the cloud – having your MYOB files available to your business and your business consultants anytime, anywhere.  With the cloud, your files  are kept on an external server which is accessible via the internet.  This gives you the additional benefit of having your data backed up – no more worries about computers crashing and losing your data.

As MYOB Certified Consultants, Bookkeepers 4 u has found that cloud computing has made accessing our clients’ files easy and fast.  We can deal with issues as they arise, rather than having to make our clients wait for the next available appointment.  But best of all, we never have to hear the dreaded phrase “My computer has crashed, and we forgot to do a back up last night”.  Or even worse, finding that there has been an MYOB file taken home and worked on, brought back to the office and then a mix-up over which file is the most recent – resulting in data being entered into the wrong file.  There is no need to take copies of the MYOB file – ever.  Accessing the MYOB data through internet access means that you can work on the office copy from home without any dangers of mixing files up.

Accounting in the cloud also makes upgrading our clients’ files ultra-easy.  MYOB automatically updates the software for you.  No need to worry about which version of MYOB is being used by the accountant or is installed on the boss’ laptop.  No need to worry about what operating system is installed on the various computers.   Everyone automatically accesses the same version of the file, regardless of whether they are using a MAC, Windows 7 or even Windows NT!

We’re delighted with the live bank feeds, as it saves so much time waiting for our clients to find the bank and credit card statements, especially when they can’t find the missing statement and then have to order replacements – which invariably won’t come for a week.  It means our bookkeepers can work more efficiently and finish off the accounts in a more timely manner.  All of which means that our clients save themselves both time and money.

Fast, easy, time saving, accessible – accounting in the cloud is no longer the future – it is now.


Pam originally published this post at Bookkeepers4u.