Talking Business Partnerships with Eagle Waves Radio : PODCAST

Business PodcastWe are almost at the end of another fabulous month and once again 2 Peas were invited to take part on a popular Sydney radio station called Eagle Waves Radio in the heart of Sydney. The studio was located on busy George Street Sydney inside a popular café called Vivo. It is the creation of passionate small business advocate and multi award-winning business owner Angela Vithoulkas. Angela’s passion is to ensure small businesses never fly under the radar.

The topic of choice was focused around business partnerships including Strategic Alliances, Joint Ventures and Business Partners. Joining me in the booth was MYOB’s CEO Tim Reed and it was lovely to have an off the cuff candid honest chat about our business and alliance with such a reputable company. It was also fun to get up close and personal in such a confined space!!

I got the opportunity to chat about my business partner Pam Pitt. We started this journey as great friends; we met after becoming Certified Consultants for MYOB and grew the relationship from there. We shared the same passion and drive for enhancing businesses. The most important factors in becoming business partners was the ability to trust one another totally and having shared ethics and professionalism. We both are workaholics too. We have found our partnership to be extremely effective, as it reduced the loneliness of being a sole trader and gave us the ability to have a sounding board when issues or new opportunities arise.

Like our vision, MYOB’s vision is all about making business life easier – helping SME business owners to succeed. This makes for a great partnership and alliance. MYOB provides the tools for clients to run their businesses while we show the clients how to best use the tools for their particular business needs. And if the client needs more than MYOB to operate their business, then we can advise them on the best addons. By having the relationship between 2 Peas and MYOB, we are able to offer the clients a total solution. And business life will be easier for us and our clients, now that MYOB has introduced CLOUD based accounting as it puts us in instant contact with our clients for support, training and advice. And of course, now we aren’t restricted to helping clients locally – now we are able to offer bookkeeping, training and support nationally and internationally.

Winning MYOB Partner of the Year 2013 has raised our profile. With this we are able to help more businesses succeed in their business life by educating them on the new technologies coming to market. We still invest a lot of time in continuing to grow our own business by engaging in social media interaction, website development and further education of our staff and ourselves.

I have to say a lot of hard work and commitment has gone into receiving this accolade. It is due to our strong desire to grow our own business as well as wanting to help others grow, whether they are clients or fellow MYOB consultants. However, we are just one in a community of MYOB consultants – there are many who want to win the same accolade, who also work hard and are growing their businesses. The industry is evolving rapidly, so a large part of our role is continuing education for ourselves and our staff so that we can continue to offer the best software tools available to our clients. We are very aware that we need to stay at the forefront of technology if we aspire to win “MYOB Partner of the Year 2014”!

Listen to the Eagle Waves Radio Podcast.